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Nothing matters more than a satisfied client. A satisfied client will refer other clients. A satisfied client will feel he or she was treated fairly by our judicial system. I always put my clients first…with qualities that count.

Clients come to me largely from referrals by former clients, employees, opposing attorneys and even opposing parties!

Client Reviews

“Ms. Sutherland is a dedicated, very knowledgeable, driven lawyer. She tells it like it is and doesn’t candy coat things. If you want a lawyer that is in it for YOU…this is the one.”
Jacki F., San Diego, California

“I’ve been lucky to have Sondra represent me for over a dozen years. Smart, resourceful, and tireless, she’s what a good attorney should be. I’ve recommended her over and over without hesitation.”
Joachim B., Los Angeles, California

“As a dad with a child going through a divorce in California, you need an attorney who is highly competent and will aggressively fight for your rights especially when it comes to custody issues. Sondra is the real deal, you will not be disappointed. I thank God I hired her.”
Marcus H., Fallbrook, California

“Your law firm is the best! Thanks for securing my freedom at a reasonable price.
Edward S., Whittier, California

“You so impressed me the last time you represented me. That look on the other attorney’s face when you presented my case was priceless!! You saved me a but load of money… Anyone would be fortunate to have you as their attorney.”
Gregory J. M., Murrieta, California

“Sondra is a very sharp attorney who will protect your rights and cut through the bull that the other side is feeding the judge. Judges respect her and listen to her, which is key because the game is won by getting the judge to pay attention to what is important to your case.”
Joseph O., San Diego, California

“Sondra’s research and litigation experience as well as dedication to her work was obvious from the start. She is a straight shooter and gets right to the point from a place of integrity whether she is discussing your case with you or speaking to the judge in open court. I felt she was always looking out for my best interests and did her work expeditiously so as not to run up unnecessary fees. I highly recommend Sondra as a quality, experienced and knowledgeable attorney.”
Sharon T., San Diego, California

Reviews by Other Attorneys

The $6.6+ million civil (parental) rights Judgment that I obtained came to me on referral from appellate law specialist Richard H. Benes, Esq. (San Diego, California):

“I referred [Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick] to…Sondra S. Sutherland, who had substantial family law experience and who I knew was a tenacious advocate who was willing to prosecute claims against the government. In one case of which I was well aware, Lammers v. Superior Court, Ms. Sutherland successfully challenged a local practice of the San Diego Family Court as a violation of due process. I believed that Ms. Fogarty-Hardwick…needed such a fearless advocate.”

“I became acquainted with Sondra Sutherland by virtue of becoming opposing counsel against her in a case entitled Trotter v. CPS Printing, et al., in the United States District Court, Southern District of California. The aforementioned case was, in essence, a wrongful termination/disability discrimination case in which Ms. Sutherland represented the plaintiff and I represented the defendants. . . . Throughout the case Ms. Sutherland displayed an aggressive thoroughness. She was smart, quick to see and exploit an advantage and determined in her efforts to minimize the weaknesses of her case. Although the case was very hotly contested and Ms. Sutherland and I disagreed many times during its pendency, sometimes profoundly, she was always open to discussion of disputed issues and was willing to compromise where it could be done without sacrificing the interest of her client. In short, Ms. Sutherland displayed the skills and abilities of a seasoned litigator.”
Christopher Q. Britton, Esq., San Diego, California

“I regard Sondra as a highly-skilled attorney, who is smart and diligent and who takes seriously her obligations as an officer of the Court…In my opinion, Sondra has always exhibited legal skills and judgment beyond what I would have expected at each stage of her career…I would not hesitate to refer litigation matters to her because she has proven extremely competent in handling them…I have also had the opportunity to review Sondra’s billing practices and I have been impressed by her scrupulous attention to details and the precision of her time entries. She keeps careful track of both time and expenses on all matters, which I found to be exemplary…I have always regarded her rates to be fair in light of her experience and skill. Indeed, when I have referred people to Sondra for legal work, I usually point out that, in my estimation, her rates are more than fair. I also point out that she is a diligent attorney who always keeps the interest of the client foremost in her handling of matters.”
D. Barclay Edmundson, Esq., Pasadena, California

“Attorney Sutherland was the retained attorney by the husband in a family law case. I was retained by the husband for the limited purpose of defending contempt charges. The family law case was bitterly contested and highly emotional. Our client frequently disturbed the proceedings which drew responses from the other side. I found that attorney Sutherland maintained her composure and professionalism throughout the trial. . . . I was extremely impressed by her extensive knowledge of the law and her ability to apply it to the trial as it developed. . . . Unfortunately, my client was convicted of 12 counts of contempt. Attorney Sutherland . . . filed a[n] appeal . . . and a decision was rendered in our favor. The favorable decision was due to the knowledge and ability of attorney Sutherland. I have had the privilege of recommending attorney Sutherland on many occasions since the conclusion of our trial. She is knowledgeable, capable, and professional.”
Robert L. James, Esq., Vista, California

“I can state unequivocally that Ms. Sutherland is a tireless advocate for her clients, leaving no stone unturned and championing her client’s cause, no matter how politically unpopular the issue may be, as long as she believes in the correctness of her client’s position. Ms. Sutherland maintains fairness and integrity when it comes to litigating issues, such that when an issue is shown to be correctly against her client, she will point it out to her client and accept it, and not litigate unfairly an issue that shouldn’t be. . . . In other words, Ms. Sutherland works extremely hard for her clients, representing those who might not otherwise be able to obtain vigorous representation, and she does it well, with fairness and integrity.”
Marc Peter Kaplan, Esq., San Diego, California

Former Employee Reviews

“As a former employee, I have seen this firm’s behind-the-scene honesty, work ethic, incredible drive and dedication. Sondra is a multi-field expert who epitomizes everything one would hope to find in counsel. Her leadership in the profession and passion for law is what has earned her recognition time and time again. I have recommended her over and over again to family and friends and continue to be a huge supporter!”
Nicole White Velasco, Fallbrook, California

“Brilliant attorney, excellent litigator and insures that every client gets the attention and representation they deserve.”
Shari Duhachek, Escondido, California

These testimonials or endorsements does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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